Patented lifting system Softload


Softload is the new lifting mechanism patented by Vapsint and designed for the furniture sector.
This mechanism is especially indicated for non standard size doors and/or particularly heavy doors. In these cases, the use of traditional gas springs, although feasible, would tend to direct all forces to the door hinges, possibly damaging them. Softload on the contrary, thanks to its special geometry, directs all forces to the fixing plates on the cabinet sides.

Softload is made up of a fixing plate housing a rotating telescopic arm that transmits the opening movement to the door; ball joints make for easier assembly and compensate for any misalignment between the fixing points connecting cabinet and door.
The lifting is operated by a gas spring that, unlike mechanical springs, provides a gradual, balanced and even movement accompanying the whole door opening run.
Thanks to its essential lines and chrome finish the Softload system can fit in any setting.


 Different versions and range of application

SMALL: The supporting plate has a width of 100 mm and height of 200 mm, and is meant to be used on doors 320 – 600 mm high.
BIG: The supporting plate has a width of 80 mm and height of 255 mm, and is meant to be used on doors 600 – 1000 mm high.


  • No visual impact and minimum lateral bulk;
  • No force directed to the hinges, thus ensuring their longer life;
  • Opening made easier by a gas spring with such a controlled stroke that door opening is balanced at any point;
  • Reduced bulk height-wise to help mount shelves inside the cabinet;
  • Adjustable system, can be installed on doors of different shape and weight.


The thrust of the Softload mechanism can be modified using the adjustment bushing.
This acts on the lever arm and allows to alter the speed of door opening: when the bushing is moved outwards, and the arm extends, the door will lift up faster.
Conversely, a shorter arm will make the door lift up more slowly.