Industrial gas springs Gas spring ø15/6 – Eyelets ø6

Code ø Cylinder ø Piston rod Stroke mm Force F1 Newton Progression
AKS 15 mm 6 mm min 20 | max 250 min 20 | max 400 30% (F1x1,30)

Minimum dimension: (CU x 2) + 30 mm + lenght of end fittings in mm.

The AKS series gas springs are suggested in the application where a small size is required with higher force than AGS gas springs.

This product is used in several applications in the furniture and industrial sector and inside vehicles (even agriculture vehicles) for the movement of small flaps.

Possible options

  • Dynamic damping
  • Lock in
  • Lock out
  • Frictioned
  • Damper in extension
  • Damper in compression
  • High temperature
  • With valve (adjustable force)


  • Gas Springs

Product codes


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