Industrial gas springs Gas spring ø28/10 – Eyelets ø8

Code ø Cylinder ø Piston rod Stroke mm Force F1 Newton Progression
ASS 28 mm 10 mm min 50 | max 550 min 2 ASS 00 | max 1300 21% (F1x1,21)

Minimum dimension: (CU x 2) + 50 mm + lenght of end fittings in mm.

The ASS gas springs are used in applications where a low progression from the fully opened to the fully closed position is needed.

For example, they are used in the aluminium frame windows and in several commercial vehicles.

Possible options

  • Dynamic damping
  • Damper in compression
  • Damper in extension
  • Lockable
  • High temperature
  • With valve (adjustable force)


  • Gas Springs

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