Industrial gas springs Gas spring ø22/10 – Eyelets ø8

Code ø Cylinder ø Piston rod Stroke mm Force F1 Newton Progression
APS 22 mm 10 mm min 50 | max 500 min 1 APS 00 | max 1300 44% (F1x1,44)

minimum dimension: (CU x 2) + 45 mm + lenght of end fittings in mm.

The APS gas springs range is widespread in the industrial sector where robustness, high forces and long strokes are required.

The APS gas springs are mainly used in the furniture (bed lifting mechanisms), automotive, medical and commercial vehicles.

Possible options

  • Dynamic damping
  • Damper in compression
  • Damper in extension
  • Lockable
  • Safety tube
  • Protection tube
  • High temperature
  • With valve (adjustable force)


  • Gas Springs

Product codes


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